Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What I'm working on: Flipboard

If every student in my class has their own blog, how will I keep track of where they all are?


Blogging will be a part of my classroom (more on this in a later post!).  So I needed to find a way to simplify how to collect them and how students can access each other's blog.  Flipboard allows me to organize everyone's blog in a central location.

(My Flipboard dashboard)

The students can access the classroom collection of blogs very simply.  Students will get an account on Flipboard.  After I collect all of their blogs in a "magazine", the students will subscribe to the collection.  The subscription will give them access to the classroom collection of blogs as soon as they open the Flipboard app on their device.

This is quick, useful and very easy for students to read each other's blog.

When the school year begins, I can post on how it's going.  Until then, I can collect the authors I like to read and create a magazine.  I'm sure everyone wants to know all of the economics blogs I like to read:

(How a collection of blogs looks)

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