Thursday, August 22, 2013

Collegial Relationships and Connecting students iPads to Schoology, Google Drive, Dropbox and more

In my office today, I stated to my colleague:

"I'm so excited about your efforts creating and sharing this, I'm going to blog about it.  Thank you Mrs. Serrano!"

Today, our students will be receiving their iPads.

Tomorrow, I need to help them connect different apps to um . . .  everything!

This can be a monumental task.  Students (and Teachers) need step by step instructions on how to connect everything they're going to use.  Literally, step by step! 

If you skip something, it won't work.  If you screw up entering information, it won't work.  There's one of me and a class full of students.  Once one hand goes up because something went wrong, everyone in the class is on a different step.

We need, perhaps, a cheat sheet to help the process.  This is why good collegial relationships and sharing are so important.  My colleague, Mrs. Serrano, put the time in to create step by step instructions on how to connect everything.  This saved me at least an hour, probably more.

If you're interested in this information, you can find my adapted version of Mrs. Serrano's work here:

(file removed, email me if you're interested)

I owe her big time.  And my time will come.

This is why collegial relationships and sharing are so important.  These relationships need to be reciprocal.  We need to help each other.  Being a receiver of information and knowledge is not good enough.  Successful relationships share tasks and responsibilities, a collective responsibility to improve each other.

It's a lot more energizing to work on menial tasks knowing that you can create, improve, and share your efforts.  This happened today.

And because of it, I had a few minutes today to share this idea with all of you.

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